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Exclusive  journeys rooted in authenticity.


Sahara Dream Tour

Tour Lenght: 10 Days

Next Departure: 3rd March 2023


Sahara Tour - Women Only

Tour Lenght: 7 Days

Next Departure: 12th March 2023


Romancing in Marrakech

Choose your dates - 2 nights

Marrakech, Morocco

Welcome to the ministry of enjoyment

Designer of transformative travel experiences

My name is Assia. I was born and raised in Belgium as the daughter of  Algerian- Moroccan immigrant parents. Since I was the size of a potato, my father used to take us in his self-made campervans to Morocco. He drove thousands of kilometers southwards with 5 kids on the backseats.


Inviting you along a journey of (re)discovering culture, history, and heritage.
Aftermovie Sahara Dream Tour 2022 

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Reviews and Testimonials

What our travelers say

“You have totally changed my perspective on Morocco into a major positive one. Everything Morocco has got to offer and its beautiful people just confirmed everything that I had in my imagination for a long time.”
“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to reset and reflect on life itself. This trip has been overwhelming with all the emotions. Going back to the roots always embodies a feeling of a connection. I feel home with myself again. I’m so emotional about going back to London. Hopefully this an - a bientôt-  rather than an au revoir.”
“I admire your calmness, your way of taking our views and thoughts into account and appreciating our honesty throughout the journey as well as your way or organizing all the events”
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