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Let me pour you some mint tea

I have a story to tell you

My name is Assia. I was born and raised in Belgium as the daughter of  Algerian- Moroccan parents. Since I was the size of a potato my father used to take us in his self-made campervans to Morocco. He drove thousands of kilometers around with 5 kids in the backseat. I will let you imagine the chaos.


Nevertheless, we discovered many landmarks from north to south, camped on different beaches and made unforgettable memories and that’s where it all began. Ever since, I have traveled frequently to many outskirts of the world. The quest to get to know different cultures and how they define beauty has enriched my life in many ways. As a photographer, I am fascinated by colors, landscapes and different faces. And as someone with a layered identity myself, discovering other identities has helped me define my own and grow emotionally and spiritually. 

Where does ministry of enjoyment come from?
I am called the Ministry of Enjoyment by friends and family for my abilities of curating unique adventures that nourish body and soul. And so The Ministry of Enjoyment was born. As I am a sharer naturally, here I am, inviting you along a journey of (re)discovering culture, history and heritage. If you are seeking transformative experiences and luxury, you have come to the right place. At the Ministry we take enjoyment seriously! 

Ministry of enjoyment

The Ministry of Enjoyment prides itself on unique and curated travel experiences. 


We are a boutique travel agency who's goal is to find a  sweet balance between luxury- and local experiences on inspiring grounds. Yes, we love our exclusively handpicked accommodations and experiences but without losing touch with reality and the true beauty of Morocco. That's what makes traveling with us different.  We are travelers, not tourists.  


We specialize in Morocco and Oman as our primary destinations. Both destinations we know in- and -out thanks to our local experts. Destinations we love and want to share with the world to experience. We love curating adventurous travels by 4WD, camping and trekking. And then again, we do fancy some luxury and sophisticated experiences in both the Gulf area and Morocco. 

A la carte
Next to our epic group tours planned throughout the year we create bespoke from door- to door travel journeys for couples, groups and business teams. 


Our philosophy

We believe in transformative travel experiences that are rooted in authenticity. Enriching travels with spiritual and emotional growth. Our top priority is safety. Both psychological and physical. We create safe, deeply felt, and story-worthy travel experiences. In fact, a lot of time was invested in picking the right partners who could help us safeguard our values.

We prefer supporting local-owned businesses over foreign resorts and multi-national hotel chains. We strongly believe in contributing positively to the local economy. We stay away from the tourism industry's usual mistakes. Furthermore being respectful to local communities is of great importance to us. 



Our goal is to share with you the real Morocco we know and love. We create a unique chemistry of people and places to share the richness of a place in the world many have tried to find the words to describe but no one really understood until personally discovered it through travel. 


Luxury to us means rich, full of emotion, and jaw-dropping experiences, encounters, and environments. They can be places, foods, or atmospheres.  

Did you know

3.4 million tourists visited Morocco in 2022 which is good for a total revenue of ​​ 4.51 billion USD. Unfortunately only a small percentage of this income goes to locally owned businesses. 

Our vision is clear. As tourism makes a significant contribution to Morocco’s economy. 
We want to reinvest in communities who invested considerable financial resources to protecting sites of natural and cultural beauty so tourists could use them for recreational activities. Hereby we help locals  generating cash flow and protecting cultural heritage.

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