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November 2023

Oman Tour

An out of the world road trip by SUV combining camping, 5 star luxury accommodations and the rich Omani culture and nature. 


Coming soon!

Schedule of the Dream Tour

Arrival And Orientation

Arrive at the Marrakech airport and meet the rest of our group. From there, we’ll make our way to our riad (an authentic Moroccan house with handcrafted interior design) to relax, unwind and mingle. We’ll get to know each other better over a delicious dinner in one of Marrakech’s most popular restaurants. For those who want to try Marrakech nightlife, there is an abundance of options!


Highlights of this travel

  • 10 days of enjoyment

  • Magic of the desert

  • Enjoying different landscapes

  • Historically rich

  • A balanced mix between luxury and local hospitality

  • Visiting locals and workshops

  • Luxurious 4x4 transportation 

Private Room

Occupy your own private room without sharing. A single room can be added to your Sahara Dream Tour package. With this, you will occupy a room privately at all accommodations for 9 nights.

What's Included

What's Included




Cancelation policy, terms & agreements

The Ministry of Enjoyment prides itself on unique and curated travel experiences. In order for us to fulfill our promise, we must pay our suppliers ahead of time. Please note that once your deposit is processed, it cannot be recuperated as our suppliers are paid upfront ahead of time. Thank you for your understanding. Please read carefully through our cancellation policy and message us if ...

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